Step by Step Guide on how to use our Printed Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

Step by Step Guide on how to use our Printed Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

1. Place the printed vinyl adhesive side down onto the mat: Ensure that the vinyl with the adhesive side is facing down onto the designated mat or work surface. Ensure the pattern or colour is facing upwards. This will allow for easy cutting and manipulation of the vinyl.

2. Do not cut the vinyl on mirror setting: When using a cutting machine or tool, make sure not to set it on the mirror setting. Cutting on the mirror setting would reverse the design, resulting in an incorrect or mirrored pattern.

3. Once the cut has been made, weed away the excess vinyl: After the design has been cut out, remove the excess vinyl material carefully. This process is known as weeding, where you peel away the parts of the vinyl that are not part of the intended design.

4. Peel the application mask away from the backing sheet and apply to your design: The application mask is a transfer tape or sheet that holds the design together for easy application. Gently peel it away from the backing sheet without removing the vinyl design and place it over your cut vinyl design.

5. Use a squeegee to ensure the vinyl has adhered to the application mask: To ensure proper adhesion, use a squeegee or similar tool to firmly press and smooth the vinyl design onto the application mask. This will help remove any air bubbles and ensure proper bond between the vinyl and the mask.

6. Peel the application mask away from the vinyl backing and transfer the design to your fabric: Carefully peel off the backing sheet from the vinyl design, leaving it attached to the application mask. This step allows you to transfer the vinyl design onto your fabric or desired surface.

7. Press the vinyl at a temperature of 140-150 degrees Celsius and with medium pressure: Heat up your heat press or iron to a temperature range of 140-150 degrees Celsius. Apply medium pressure to the vinyl surface by placing the heat press or iron firmly on top. This step ensures that the vinyl adheres properly to the fabric.

8. Press for ten seconds: Maintain the heat press or iron's pressure on the vinyl design for a duration of ten seconds. This heat and pressure help activate the adhesive properties of the vinyl and ensure a secure bond with the fabric.

9. Peel away the application mask when warm: While the vinyl and fabric are still warm, carefully peel away the application mask from the fabric. This step should be done when the vinyl is still warm, as it makes it easier to remove the mask while leaving the vinyl design intact on the fabric.

10. Press for a further 5 seconds using baking paper or a thin tea towel: After removing the application mask, place a piece of baking paper or a thin tea towel over the vinyl design. Reapply the heat press or iron, using medium pressure, and press for an additional five seconds. This final step helps to further bond the vinyl to the fabric and enhance its durability.

Note: Please ensure that you follow any safety precautions mentioned by the vinyl manufacturer or use suitable equipment when applying heat and pressure.