Heat Transfer (Iron On) Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Iron On Vinyl

We offer a huge range of heat transfer vinyl (HTV) also known as Iron on vinyl, we have sourced this vinyl for heat transfer from around the globe making sure they’re of the best quality and a range big enough so everyone is satisfied. We are confident that our Iron on vinyl such as our very own Vivaflex easily competes with the very well known Cricut iron on vinyl. We have over 10 different HTV Vinyl categories to choose from, giving you a full selection of wonderful choices from Premium PU HTV Vinyl to Holographic & Rainbow Pearls Iron On vinyl.

Although our Heat Transfer Vinyl can be used with an everyday iron, we strongly advise a heat press such as Cricut Easy Press. This just ensures that the HTV Iron On Vinyl is applied evenly & properly to the garment. This also ensures that you are applying the Vinyl Iron On / HTV Vinyl with the correct temperature and time which will give the best results and life span.

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