Patterned Printed HTV Guidelines

Patterned Printed HTV Guidelines

Step 1 – Place the vinyl on to your mat with the pattern/print facing up and cut your design (DO NOT CUT IN REVERSE/MIRROR – you cut the patterned HTV in the same way you would self adhesive)

Step 2 – Weed away any excess vinyl – leaving your design on the backing sheet.

Step 3 – Take your transfer mask and peel off the liner (placing the liner to one side as it is reusable when replaced on the liner.)

Step 4 – Place the transfer mask over your design. Make sure there are no bubbles between the design and the transfer mask.

Step 5 – Peel back the transfer mask which should lift your design from the patterned HTV backing. If it does not, replace and use a squeegee/credit card to go over your design again.

Step 6 – Discard of the patterned HTV backing and get ready to place your design on to your chosen fabric and place to one side.

Step 7 – Iron/press the fabric ensuring it is crease free before placing your design on to the fabric.

Step 8 – Place your design on to the fabric, ensuring it is smooth and flat to the fabric.

Step 9 – Cover with a Teflon sheet or tea towel and apply as much pressure as possible, pressing down on each section of design for 15 to 20 seconds

** This vinyl is primarily manufactured for use with a heat press which offers even heat and a uniform amount of pressure and is needed to be pressed with a heat press for 10 to 15 seconds, and you’re having to imitate that with a domestic iron – this bit can take practice to make perfect as there is a fine line between getting it adhered so it doesn’t peel and then scorching it)

Step 10 - Remove the Teflon sheet/tea towel and carefully peel back the transfer mask – can be peeled hot, warm or cold but I find warm the best – if the design is lifting with the mask, recover and press again for a further 5 to 10 seconds with as much pressure as possible.

Step 11 - once you have removed the transfer mask, cover the design again with the Teflon sheet / tea towel and go over your design (lifting and going over each section rather than going back and forth)

Washing Guidelines – Make sure you leave 24 hours before the first wash. Recommend no more than 40 degrees. No tumble drying. Iron inside out.

If you're using a heat press - 160 degrees for 10 seconds, remove the mask, recover and repress for 5 seconds or so