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Holographic Cobblestone Vinyl | Irised Range

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The Holographic Cobblestone Pattern Adhesive Vinyl Roll refers to a type of vinyl material that has a holographic cobblestone pattern imprinted on it. Vinyl rolls are thin, flexible sheets that can be easily cut and applied to various surfaces.

The vinyl material is adhesive-backed, meaning it has a sticky surface on one side. This adhesive allows for easy application and ensures that the vinyl securely sticks to the desired surface. It can be used on a variety of objects, ranging from personal items like phone cases, laptops, and notebooks to larger surfaces like walls, furniture, and floors. 

The holographic cobblestone pattern adhesive vinyl roll is designed to add a unique and eye-catching visual element to any project or decorative endeavour. It provides a way to transform plain or boring surfaces into vibrant and visually appealing ones. The versatility of this vinyl roll makes it a popular choice among artists, crafters, decorators, and individuals looking to personalize their belongings or spaces.