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Holographic Disco Vinyl | Irised Range

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Holographic Disco | Irised Discoglitz

The Holographic Disco Pattern Adhesive Vinyl Roll refers to a type of vinyl material that features a dazzling disco-inspired pattern. Vinyl rolls are flexible sheets with adhesive backing, making them easy to apply to different surfaces.

The holographic disco pattern on this vinyl roll is reminiscent of the vibrant and glittering disco balls seen on dance floors. It typically consists of multi-coloured, reflective geometric shapes arranged in a visually stimulating pattern. When light hits the vinyl, it creates mesmerizing and dynamic visual effects, capturing the essence of a disco party.

The adhesive backing of this vinyl roll allows for simple application on a variety of objects and surfaces. It can be used to transform personal items, such as phone cases, laptops, and notebooks, into sparkling and eye-catching accessories. Additionally, it can enhance the look of larger surfaces like walls, furniture, and floors, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere reminiscent of a disco club.